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Risk management starts
with the right policy.

Risk management starts with the right policy.

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Professional Liability Insurance
is not just for health providers.

Professional Liability Insurance
Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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Business Insurance in South Florida

Reduce Your Risks With the Right Business Insurance Protection in Place

We make it our business to safeguard your business. The ideal business insurance means the difference between survival and complete loss when a calamity strikes. Many business owners have discovered the hard way that theft, litigation, accident and natural disaster have wreaked havoc on their company. A study by Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety discovered that 25 percent of companies never reopen their doors after experiencing a disaster.

With dozens of business insurance options available, the team at Brady Insurance Group makes it easy to customize the best coverage to meet needs and requirements of your unique business. Here are seven types of insurance to protect your companies financial security.

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  • General Liability Business Insurance Open or Close

    A General Liability Business policy helps safeguard your company if somebody is injured on your premises or if someone is harmed as a result using your services or products. General Business Liability can help protect your business from perceptions of negligence. Most general liability policies cover financial responsibilities like medical expenses, in addition to legal defense costs and compensation awards if your company is sued.

  • Professional Liability Insurance Open or Close

    Sometimes called errors and omissions insurance, Professional Liability coverage is needed to help protect your company from claims of negligence or malpractice. A Professional Liability policy is a must for physicians, other healthcare professionals.  Company directors & officers should also consider carrying Professional Liability Insurance.

  • Business Property Insurance Open or Close

    Your leased or owned company property needs Business Property Insurance to cover damage and losses as a result of vandalism, fire, or wind. The dedicated team at Brady Insurance Group will help you choose between an "all risks" business property policy that covers damage and loss from a range of sources or a "named peril" policy which covers specific types of hazards.

    Additionally, a Business Property Insurance policy will protect your company against damage to the company owned or leased vehicle used by your employees or you for business purposes. Third party bodily injury claims or property damage related to your business vehicle accident will be covered by Business Property Insurance.

  • Business Interruption Insurance Open or Close

    An unexpected event or natural disaster can require your company to close or relocate temporarily. Business Interruption Insurance will help maintain cash flow while replacing equipment and repairing physical damage to your premises. Business Interruption Insurance may provide reimbursement for up to a year of lost revenue.

  • Business Owner's (BOP)Policy Open or Close

    A BOP policy includes multiple types of insurance in a single policy, usually at a lower cost than buying each type of insurance separately. Often a business owner's policy would include business property, general liability coverage, and business interruption insurance.

  • Umbrella Liability Insurance Open or Close

    Umbrella Liability is needed to fill a gap left by your other company insurance coverage. Most policies have a coverage limit; an umbrella policy will cover losses that exceed that limit. Umbrella Liability also protects areas excluded by other policies. An umbrella policy premium may be lower if you purchase it from the same insurer who provides your other insurance coverage.


Blend More Coverages for More Savings

Save money and time by bundling insurance coverages with Brady Insurance Group.
When you package home and car insurance, for example, you'll instantly qualify for our Multi-Policy discount.

Convenient policy Administration
By handling all of your coverages with us, you can make life simpler — and save while you are at it.
No more scrambling to locate significant information, pay bills, or submit a claim.

Call us now at 866.764.1944 or 954.764.1944 to get a free bundle insurance quotation.

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  • Commercial Property Insurance Open or Close

    Protect your business with Commercial Building & Property insurance. Here are a few of the different coverage types:
    • Buildings and other structures
    • Furniture & Equipment
    • Inventory
    • Computers
    Improvements to Property
    One of our specialties is providing insurance for commercial building properties, office building owners, and apartment owners. Because the experienced team at BIG understands the concerns and challenges facing building owners every day we can provide the best coverage at the best possible price.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance Open or Close

    One of the obligations of a Florida employer is to ensure a safe work place and Workers Compensation Insurance is required by law. Workers Compensation insurance provides the coverage to protect your business from unpredictable occurrences.

    The team at Brady Insurance Group creates customized programs for different industries in Fort Lauderdale and all of Florida, with each program fitting the needs of that industry. Our proactive approach to each companies’ Workers Compensation challenges reduces insurance costs saving you money this year and years to come.

    When workplace injuries happen, medical expenses and income replacement are some of the benefits of Workers Compensation coverage. With our network of over 50 A-rated companies, our experienced Workers Comp team will find the right policy that meets all your company needs.

    Realize the benefits of our Workers Compensation Insurance with:
    • Reduced injuries and losses
    • Reduced medical and disability costs
    • Reduced policy adjustments
    • Reduced premium costs

With over 50 A-rated insurance partners, Brady Insurance Group compares rates and coverages, so you don’t have to. Our team is proactive in identifying any factors that may increase your premiums or change your risk. Our business is protecting your business.

Whether you're a physician, retailer, wholesaler, builder, or electrician, our customized packages will satisfy the precise needs and requirements of your unique business. Call us now at 866.764.1944 and let us make buying the right insurance easy.

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