While driverless cars have a lot of hurdles to overcome, Star Wars inspired visionaries are putting flying taxis in our near future. UberAir is pushing to launch its fleet of electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL) for a 2020 testing launch with a commercially viable service ready by 2023. This spring, Uber’s annual Elevate conference included aviation industries brightest minds to help convince the world that Uber eVTOL’s will soon be flying over major cities.

Uber realized a supportive infrastructure of launchpads and landing sites would be needed as part of the sell. To help cities envision how Uber’s aerial taxi fleet, named UberAIR, could work, they orchestrated an architecture competition for designing “Skyports.” Six architectural firms presented their concepts for passenger pick up and drop off skyports. As you can see, the structures are straight out of Star Wars.

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Requirements for the Skyport concepts had to meet the following criteria:
• Serve 4,000 passengers per hour in a three-acre footprint
• Provide additional places for electric aircraft to charge
• Designed to have a minimal impact on nearby communities
• Quiet and environmentally conscious

As part of the brief, the sky ports are targeted for popular large city locations, such as stadiums and concert halls, where crowds are likely to need a flying taxi.

The proposed infrastructure is clearly car-centric, even if it’s all about flying cars. Of course, you’ll be getting to the UberAIR terminal by Uber car. If the Uber vehicles are electric—which they should be by 2023—and pooled between two to four passengers,4,000 passengers per hour mean a Skyport will have to handle hundreds of vehicles per hour.

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On the negative side, the question is if Uber is solving an urban mobility problem at all? Perhaps Uber is taking low-capacity vehicle freeway traffic and pushing it up into the sky along these same corridors. Maybe they’re creating more bottlenecks as people transfer from one transportation mode to the other. Such concerns don’t seem to stop innovation.

While the designs for UberAir skyports are conceptual, they are not science fiction. The choices are sustainable solutions that are structurally feasible. The future of intra-urban transportation is close. Real-estate investment company Sandstone Properties is working with Uber to develop possible takeoff and landing hubs by 2020. UberAir will test the service first in Los Angeles with Dallas, Fort Worth and Frisco to follow.

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