Sometimes we just want to freshen up our living room, but sometimes life changes make redecorating a must. Changes give us the opportunity to review what we have and what we might like to improve, be it our living space or our insurance coverage. Just add your creativity to our living room design tips from a professional interior designer, and you’re on your way to decorating in style.

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Hiring an interior designer is always an option, but some of us want to make our own design decisions, using our personal preferences and style. It’s a creative thing. To take your living room from boring to beautiful requires inspiration which is easy to find on the internet. Before you get into using our tips, start building an inspiration board. After gathering images from places like Pinterest and decor websites, step back and review your collection. This will be the first guide for your design style which might be different then you expected. Then dive into your living room design, armed these designer tips and tricks.

Mix dark and light photo

1. Mix dark and light.

1. Mix dark and light.

An all white and bright living room can feel unapproachable and too “clean.” An entirely dark living room can feel like a cave. By mixing light and dark colors, you create a dynamic look that has balance and depth. A little of each, white and black will benefit the design of any space.

tip 2photo

2. Contrast with neutral colors.

2. Contrast with neutral colors.
Decorating a living room with many contrasting neutrals adds a vibrant and welcoming feeling. In this photo the white walls, brass hardware, caramel leather, blue-gray cabinets and gray sofa all contrast with one another while highlighting their different undertones and finishes. This palette feels rich. Adding other vital elements, such as pattern, texture, and color will top it all off with style.

Ana Roma Floral Designs photo

Ana Roma Floral Designs

3. Have fun with texture.
Texture’s are often overlooked when decorating any room because it’s something we touch more than we see. The texture makes a living room feel cozy. Use contrasting hard surfaces with plush textures that appeal to the touch. Add as many textures as you can including wool, cotton, stone, metal, glass and plant life. Add textures with pillows is easy especially if you’re decorating on a budget.

An excellent choice for plant accessories is artificial plants. Not the kind you knew as a child. Today there are fake plants that are so real you need to touch them to be sure. Visit Ana Roma floral designs, and you’ll never put a live plant in your home again.

tip 4 photo

4. Always add wood.

4. Always add wood.
Wood is one of the best materials to add warmth and texture to any room, especially a living room. Wood makes any space more inviting in so many ways. Use wood side tables, wall paneling, picture frames, and carved bowls or art.

tip 5 photo

5. Add variety to upholstery.

5. Add variety to upholstery.
In a formal seating area matching upholstery provides a sense of maturity and order, but cozy and welcoming happens when you mix and match your upholstered pieces. This becomes design with personality.

tip 6 photo

6. Pick practical fabrics.

6. Pick practical fabrics.
Durable fabric is an essential choice for living room seating. Durable materials are generally comfortable and depending on your family, babies or small children, and pets can mean the difference between messy and tidy. Stick with mid-tone fabrics as the safest bet because dark shades and very light colors will readily show soil and wear.

Leather can be easily wiped clean when spills occur making great for avoiding stains. However, leather can be easily scratched making it a poor choice for a home with pets.

Then there’s durable denim and corduroy which aren’t the first upholstery fabrics that come to mind, but they are inviting and sustainable. Your fabric materials should include a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics to benefit from the practical features of both. When possible do a bend test of a fabric swatch to make sure the backing material is covered by a tight weave. Tight weaves are more durable than loose weaves. Loose weaves leave lots of space for dirt to hide, no matter the material.

tip 7 photo

7. Now for a dash of color.

7. Now for a dash of color.
A monochromatic color scheme can be a beautiful space, but it tends to be on the formal side. If a relaxed, inviting atmosphere is what you want then add a little bit of vivid color.

If you’re not sure about what color to add, a cheerful blue is a hue that most people can agree on. You can’t go wrong with that blue because it’s a perfect contrast to warm elements like wood and leather. Cheerful blue is also neutral enough to work with most other accent colors.

tip 8 photo

8. Add a patterned rug.

8. Add a patterned rug.
As a design tool, a patterned rug is powerful. It will infuse your living room with energy while minimizing stains or wear. A patterned carpet anchors a seating area and gives the whole living room a spark of life. If you already have carpeting, the addition of a patterned rug to your seating area can add a great touch of style. Rolling up your patterned rug and sending it to the cleaners after a spill is an added benefit.

tip 9 photo

9. Use movable stools and tables.

9. Use movable stools and tables.
Lots of options with movable seating and tables can quickly make a living room more comfortable. Lightweight tables, ottomans, stools, and side chairs add flexibility for your family to put their feet up, set a drink down or just add seating for an extra guest.

10. Consider distance conversational seating.
Whatever the size of your living room it will be limited to how large a seating group you can create for cozy gatherings and intimate conversation. To facilitate conversation, a reasonable distance between seats is about 8 feet. This means if you have a sofa and side chairs or several sofas, the seating area should be arranged 4 feet out from the center or have a diameter of 8 feet. Simply put, if you want to create a cozy living room, it’s usually best to use fewer, smaller seating pieces and push them closer together.

tip 11 photo

11. Don’t stress.

11. Don’t stress.
Just add texture, color, and statement elements to your home. If you can’t hire an interior designer, you can still have a home that looks like you did. These little tips work together to create a warm, well-designed home.

On the other hand, trying for a perfect order will mean that anything out of place will stick out like a sore thumb, whereas accepting a bit of controlled chaos will mean the occasionally dropped toy or draped blanket will look right at home.

Now when it comes to insurance, we’re always here to help keep you and your family better prepared no matter what life changes come your way. Count on my agency for advice you can trust. We compare rates with our 50 A-rated companies to save you money. Please call 866.764.1944 or email anytime.

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