Add the ambiance of a crackling fire and savory aromas to your next party.

If you’re lucky enough to go camping at any age one of your fondest memories might be sitting around a crackling campfire sharing the days’ memories with friends. When you were a kid, roasting marshmallows was part of the fun. As an adult, your campfire pleasure might be a cold beer.

Concerns about fires in the forest and the backyard have nixed the campfire pastime. But now, thanks to ever-changing technology there are safe alternatives to a traditional campfire. These new inventions will be especially appealing to newbie’s who don’t have the skills, patience, or space for a real campfire. True, these aren’t campfires. But that’s the point. Now you can safely light up the night anywhere.

Not only did we come across some beautiful fire pits, but we also discovered ways to jazz up the whole outdoor fire experience with heady scents and spectacular multi-color flames.

Build spectacular fragrant fires with unusual colors and heady scents.

Natural Chemical Additives Add Color & Excitement
Turn the flames green (with Borax), blue (with copper chloride), and pink (with lithium chloride). These chemicals are available online, but they are not food safe, so toast your marshmallows before combusting your rainbow. Sprinkling these additives on your fire makes it change colors, and it’s easy fun for children.

Not a DIY? You can create technicolor effects with pretreated Meeco’s Red Devil ColorGlo Flames pine cones or another commercial product, Magical Flames. Both products produce vibrant, rainbow-colored flames and are available in major big-box stores.

To create layers of aroma, toss in lemon rinds or lavender and mint. These natural additives will also discourage bugs and mosquitoes. Create additional natural fire aromas by throwing in bundles of rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, or lemon verbena. Consider flavoring the smoke with applewood, mesquite and hickory chips. Make your bundles using newspaper to make a firecracker shaped cache of star anise, cardamom, spent coffee grounds, empty vanilla pods and dried citrus peel.

Safety Is Our First Concern
All of our fire fragrance and fire pit suggestions have been vetted for safety. However additional safeguards should be in place for people and property because the fire will always pose a risk. Adult supervision will help mitigate campfire risk for children. Homeowners or renters insurance will cover fire damage to your home and possible liability for injury to guests. We can’t assist with child supervision, but Brady Insurance Group can make shopping for insurance easy because we represent over 50 A-rated home insurance companies. We compare quotes, so you don’t have to. Call 866.764.1944 now for a quick quote.

Portable Fire Pits

Here are just four steel fireplaces that will liven up your entertaining. Each of our fire pit choices will stand where you choose and easily stow out of the way.
1) Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit, $189,
2) Barrow Fire Pit, $925,
3) Fire Pit Nida $369,
4) Solo Stove Fire Pit $350,

1) Steel Wood Burning Firepit
Bring the ambiance and warmth of a crackling fireplace to your deck, patio, or backyard with the Endless Summer® fire pit. Compliment your outdoor living area with this hand-forged kettle design. Like some of our choices, smart technology, elevates what used to be a simple old campfire. Designed by Blue Rhino®, the patent-pending Airflow™ technology pulls in the air which fans the flames, making the fire burn long and hot. Endless Summer is constructed of steel with an oil rubbed bronze finish. A mesh spark guard is included.

2) Barrow Fire Pit
Though a bit pricey, we couldn’t resist showing this MoMA exclusive. This combination grill/wheelbarrow design will make your next outdoor party a flaming success. MoMA bragging rights included. Make your next barbecue or late-night gathering out of the ordinary with the Barrow Fire Pit.

3) Fire Pit Nida
Time stops with the cozy warmth of a fire and old friends with good stories. Elevate your contemporary garden and family outdoor living with the handcrafted fire pit, Nida. As soon as you take Nida out of the box and it comes in contact with the atmosphere, it starts rusting. The natural rusting process develops a beautiful patina over a couple of weeks.

4) Solo Stove Firepit
Introducing a creative new gadget, The Solo Stove Bonfire Backyard Firepit. This fire pit is a portable stainless steel canister that can create a blaze that is low-smoke, tidy, efficient—and safe (don’t stare directly into the glowing logs). The solo stove is available in four different sizes to fit the number of guests in your party.

Building a campfire has never been easier— layer some twisted newspapers, kindling and a few large, dry pieces of wood. Be sure to leave cracks between layers for airflow. Light the paper, and it should quickly ignite thanks to a double-wall design that channels oxygen to the fire and ingeniously helps block wind.

A new fire pit with spectacular color and fragrance from natural chemicals are easy ways to elevate your backyard entertaining.

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