Because car insurance is our business, safety was top of mind in our choice of mobile car apps. Our goal was to help our readers resist the urge to use their smartphone while driving and still exploit the many uses of their phones.

These 10 top mobile apps will help you get the most out of traveling by car including:
• Avoiding text messages, phone calls & Skype calls
• Finding parking spots
• Finding the nearest cheapest gas stations
• Locating your car or teen driver
• Buying car parts online
• Plain fun

Our top 10 review is sure to have a mobile application that will meet your traveling needs, and most are free. Many are only available for Apple iOS devices and others on Android only so read carefully.

1. GasBuddy (Free)

Use: Find Cheap Gas
This iPhone app will show you most accurate, real-time fuel prices at the ten closest fuel stations. GasBuddy claims their database includes 110,000 fuel stations, which is almost every gas station in the U.S.
Available at the iTunes App Store or Google Play (for Android)

2. My Max Speed 2.0 (Free)

My Max Speed App image

Use: To Track Your Kid’s Driving & Location
If you want to monitor your teen’s driving habits, the app My Max Speed 2.0 will do just that. My Max Speed will log speed and location every five minutes using the cars internal accelerometer. The app also provides location history and can notify you via a text message if the phone travels outside a preset location range.
Available only for Apple iOS devices at the iTunes App Store.

3. MMGuardian (Free)

 MMGuardian app imageUse: Help your kids drive safely
MMGuardian is a parental control app for kids phone. Though it’s for kids of all ages, it can be useful for parents with driving teens whose smartphones can be controlled from the parents’ phones without needing to install the app. Features include can blocking out phone calls and text messages. Parents can even set a schedule to lock the child’s phone. Unlike other parent control apps like Mobile Fence or SecureTeen, MMGuardian has an Incognito mode. An Uninstall Protection function prevents kids from tampering with the app or removing it.
Available for Android only.

4. Openbay (Free)

Use: Car Maintenance & Repair Services From Local Automotive Pros
Openbay app gets competitive quotes from service garages in your area that are registered with Openbay Network. Features include:
• Price comparisons
• Repair cost and time frame
• Authorize only a certain amount on your credit card
• Book service
Available only for Apple iOS devices at the iTunes App Store.

5. TripAlyzer ($5.99)

TripAlyzer imageUse: A Fuel-Economy Coach
Want to analyze your driving efficiency? TripAlyzer is a cool app that records your fuel usage habits and how much you’ve spent on a trip. TripAlyzer displays your car speed and your route direction. Your (MPG) miles per gallon is determined by distance traveled. Additional notes include your carbon dioxide emissions, and records how much gas will be needed to refill. TripAlyzer is another talking device; it vocalizes your cars current fuel efficiency.
Available only for Apple iOS devices at the iTunes App Store.


6. RepairPal (Free)

Use: Car repair history information
What can be more convenient than your car repair history in one place? RepairPal synchronizes all your repair-related in an online record. Other features include:
• Estimates for repair expenses
• Suggestions for the best repair shops in your area
• Recommends places and online stores to buy your vehicle parts
Available only for Apple iOS devices at the iTunes App Store.


7. Find My Car (Free)

Fid my car app imageUse: Finding your parked car
Who hasn’t lost track of where they parked in a sprawling mall lot or on an unfamiliar street? Find My Car uses GPS location services and Internet connectivity to locate your car. Your parking location is automatically saved by the Find My Car Smarter system. If you are a fan of augmented reality, their latest version features that fun technology.
Available for Android only.


8. IOnRoad (4.99)

IOnRoad app imageUse: Monitor vehicle’s position on the road
IOnRoad is described as a driving safety application featuring augmented reality. It uses your phone’s camera to monitor your vehicle’s position on the road. The IOnRoad app keeps track of surrounding vehicles and alerts you of lane departures and possible hazards. IOnRoad features some useful options such as collision warning, speed limit and driving analytics with audio and visual cues. Although this app sounds useful, if you are easily distracted it may not be for you.
Available only for Apple iOS devices at the iTunes App Store.


9. Waze (Free)

Waze trip adviser app imageUse: A smart trip advisor
Waze is a must-have application boasting over 50 million users. Waz features:
• Traffic condition updates with suggested routing changes
• Maps,
• Live-routing smart voice-assisted navigation
• Road hazards
• Cheapest gas along your route
Available only for Apple iOS devices at the iTunes App Store.

#10 was but we had to delete it at the time of publication because the server could not be found. This was a great vocal device that read emails, text messages and more while leaving the drivers hands and eyes completely free for driving. It solved the growing problem of drivers reading their cell phones while driving. It seemed like a great product but maybe it did not preform so it was taken off the market. Who knows.

We’ll make up for this missing piece with a great article about the OBD Car Doctor which is diagnostic for older cars that don’t have built in diagnostic capability. We’ve reviewed a few, but if you are curious visit OBD Car Doctor to learn more.

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