Affordable Golf Swing-analyzing Technology

Does your country club need a competitive advantage to attract new members and keep existing ones? Helping golfers take the guesswork out of improving their golf swing with MySwing Pro could be a significant benefit to membership. This technology is the only indoor/outdoor, wireless, 3D full-body motion capture training solution for golf. It’s affordable, portable, and MySwing sets up in minutes.

golf swing analyzing technologyMySwing Pro Features:
• Record, store, and analyze swings
• Use six preset physical screens for capture, measure, and compare
• See any movement in real-time with Free Capture Mode which allows you to capture the movement then store it to review later.
• View different angles of rotations, tilts, and more in real-time
• Integrates with some golf apps
• Real-time audio and visual biofeedback

Though golf swing analyzing technology isn’t new, at $6,000 (compare close to $25,000 for the TrackMan Golf shot-monitoring technology), MySwing Pro is a relatively affordable piece of equipment for a country club or a motivated amateur. Like most technology, it keeps getting cheaper, better, faster.

Introduced in 2016, golf instructors have begun using MySwing Pro to take the guesswork out of their student’s stroke. Here’s how it works. MySwing Pro is a small box with 17 motion-capture sensors. The sensors attach to various parts of the body—around the chest and arms and forehead, the shin, and the top of the feet. Another sensor connects to the club.

The motion-capture sensors are calibrated on a Windows-based device. MySwing Pro software creates a generic skeletal avatar which appears on the screen and moves with you in real time. It’s like watching a science-fiction fantasy. The mapping technology is the same used by Game of Thrones for creating characters. Your swing is re-created showing the tilt, angles, and rotations of your body and plays it back from overhead, behind, and the side.

Analyzing comes in using the bar charts and line graphs that show you if you need to be more patient with your arms and get your lower body to do a better job of initiating the downswing. MySwing Pro can see the bum shoulder you got from playing college football and show that is what is costing you 20 degrees on your turn, or that your right leg is overcompensating for a weak left one.

This swing analyzing technology is primarily meant for instructors who are more equipped to understand the volume of data. An instructor can use the MySwing to evaluate physical capabilities then build a golf swing around what the golfer can do. However, the technology would not be beyond comprehension to a well educated motivated amateur.

Whether you are a country club, golf instructor, or amateur golfer, the quick set-up and reasonable price make MySwing Pro can be a great tool for improving any golfers game. The manufacturer makes it clear; some limitations may not be physical — if you can’t chip and putt, then MySwing isn’t going to help you that much.

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