Rebranding or opening a new business can create conflicting emotions like excitement and fear. The newness holds promise while the unknown can ignite your fear side. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating a brand identity, leasing a cool office space in a prime location and promoting a grand opening. At some point you realize things can and might go wrong and you need to protect your investment.

That’s where Business Insurance comes in. At the Brady Insurance Group, we make it our business to protect your business so we’ve created a business insurance checklist. Because coverage needs are different for every business, our checklist is a helpful way to avoid leaving any gaps in your coverage.

If you are a construction contractor, a retail shop, or any kind of business, our dedicated staff loves to help you customize the coverage and options that will protect your business while saving you money with all available discounts. Call us now at 866.764.1944. Or start your online quote now.