We know, you’ve probably heard them all, but these tips are often forgotten in the hectic pace of living. Here is a gentle reminder of five driving and car maintenance tips that will help you avoid or prepare for an emergency.

1. Stop regular maintenance procrastinating.

Skimping on general car maintenance can eventually result in malfunction or travel breakdown. Either of these events can cause you to lose control of your car putting you and others in danger.

At the top of every maintenance schedule should be a milage interval oil change. Along with the oil change, the mechanic can check your vehicle’s other fluids, filters, hoses and additional key components. If you don’t have your original vehicle owners manual, you can quickly find one in a Google search. Knowing when parts wear out before they break makes replacing them cheaper. The benefits of peace-of-mind motoring will surprise you.

2. Don’t neglect your tires.

Properly inflated tires extend their life and make them much safer on the roads, too. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tire failure accounts for nine percent of automobile crashes. Newer vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems that alert you to low tire pressure. Don’t ignore system alerts. In lew of a tire pressure monitoring device, a good habit is scanning the tires whenever you approach your car.

3. Preparation is key.

For one reason or another a breakdown can still happen, so being prepared will ease the aggravation. Road Service coverage is the cheapest form of preparation at only $5 per covered vehicle if your comprehensive vehicle coverage is with Brady Insurance Group. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your road service will soon bring help.

If your travels take you far and wide, another breakdown preparation is an emergency car kit. This kit should include some basics like a cell phone charger, flashlight, a first aid kit and blanket (Florida does get cool in the winter). And don’t forget extras like energy bars and bottled water. Packaged emergency car kits are available at some auto supply stores.

4. Add extra time, not speed.

The need for speed contributed to 27 percent of all fatal crashes in 2015 according to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). That amounted to 10,000 people either killed by a speeder or by speeding. If speed is your habit now is the time to change. By leaving a few minutes early, you will arrive relaxed and on time even if traffic doesn’t cooperate with your schedule.

5. Keeping safe starts in your driveway.

Good habits can get lazy. What are your parking habits? Are you in a hurry to arrive at your morning meeting or late for dinner? Those are natural moments to forget to lock your car. We all know an unlocked vehicle is an open invitation for burglars, but moments of stress can suppress a good habit. Also, be sure to remove bags, purses, and valuables before locking your vehicle. Yes, you know why, but again you can forget when you’re in a hurry.

Ready for a Brady bonus tip? Make sure your vehicle has the proper coverages for your specific needs. Your wife’s vehicle use is a lot different than your service truck so talk to our car insurance experts at Brady Insurance Group. They know the ins & outs of discounts and options, and they always work to get you the best rates.