While shoplifters and dishonest employees may account for a big portion of business retail theft, those are only two theft problems facing a small business owner. According to the asset protection & IT security resource, D&D Daily, the bulk of increased burglaries are happening between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. when businesses are closed.

As you might guess, installing a system of security cameras is a cost-effective solution for preventing theft or catching burglars. But for a security camera to work, you have to consider where to place it. A poorly placed camera is almost pointless, and the following mistakes will just invite break-ins.

5 Rookie Security Camera Mistakes

Rookie Mistake #1: Pointing an indoor security camera at your front door.

Security cameras follow the same rules as any camera when it comes to poor lighting. Lighting is the most critical factor in image quality. An indoor camera pointing to the front door will produce a backlit image created by bright outside lights or sunlight. The result will be a great silhouette and no facial recognition.

Rookie Mistake #2: Poor camera angles

The website surveillancereviews.net suggests placing your security camera at or near eye level. That placement makes it easier to identify an intruder. A camera positioned at a severe angle makes it difficult to discern the facial features of the intruder. If you can use two cameras, a high angle placement works for covering large spaces while the eye level camera will allow easy identification of any burglary suspects.

Rookie Mistake #3: Choosing cheap cameras

The use of too few cameras or cheap systems won’t provide the accurate visual information a good camera can offer. Performance issues can include poor images, buggy software or failure to work at all. Your security system should not be a place to skimp as cheap cameras usually are a poor return on your investment. Consider security system specifications and features along with user reviews before buying.

Rookie Mistake #4: Do-it-yourself installation

It’s very easy to ruin video equipment if you install it improperly. There are good reasons why video security is a specialized field. A reputable security company like Check Mate Electronics will provide an equipment and installation warranty along with their expert consultation. A company like Check Mate stands behind their products and they provide immediate service if you have questions or experience problems.

Rookie Mistake #5: Relying on security cameras alone

Security cameras may deter theft, and they may help you identify thieves, but a camera is just one part of a business security system. Your surveillance feed should include an internet-connected system that offers remote monitoring and password access. And let’s not forget, the one simple, efficient way to prevent a break-in is to lock your doors and set your alarm.

Part of the benefit of proper security camera placement is potentially deterring criminals with their visibility. So don’t hide your cameras and keep them out of reach. Beyond that, create a security plan with protocols for how to handle events like shoplifting, armed robberies, burglaries, as well as other unexpected events like fires and floods.

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